Zoom Classes

Sign Up For A Class

Click on the class you want to take and you will be directed to the signup page. 

Fill In the information that is required.

This will generate an account with the site.  

To take the class for free, check the box for free.

If you want to make a donation for the class, move the price slider until the amount you want to donate appears.

You will be given a option to take the class for free or donate.  If for free you will select submit and receive the confirmation that you are registered for the class.  

If you elect to make an donation you will select the amount you want to donate on the sliding price bar.  Then you will be ask for payment information.   The payment are process through Stripe and Paypal.  You will recieve confirmation of your payment.

You will be given two option to get links for the class.  

1). There will be a link in your account to click for the class.

2). One hour before class time the link will be emailed to you. 

Once you have set up an account, you will just login in with your email account and pasword and select the class you want to take. 

If you have any trouble siging in or selecting a class. Text or call me at 412-312-9142.  Don't worry I will still get you into the class. 

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